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Saturday, June 2, 2012


From the darkest depths of the horror inside the...
Comes a twisted horror poem from:


This is twenty harrowing minutes in the life Quinton Earl Patterson!


(Wilmington, North Carolina)

Holy mother of god,
They were after me again!
I thought I was as secure as a pea in a pod...
Before another chase, as usual, began.

They sniffed me out like a mole after a root!
One of them smashed through the glass to grab my right hand.
I kicked it in the face with my left heavy boot!
The other one tried to bite me wherever its teeth would land.

I scrambled out of the back door of the broken car.
Two more zombies were now shambling toward my sordid tale.
I destroyed the first one with a hard head strike with the crow bar.
Then I quickly pushed the other one over the guardrail!

I thought I could be safe six stories up this parking garage.
It just wasn't to be... in this world of undead hunting collusion.
These six surreal years of non-human contact feels like a dark mirage.
One of these days this madness has to come to a conclusion!

Am I really the last living man on American soil?
All I know is the will to survive even as I walk alone in forests and parks.
And now my anger is is about to make my blood boil.
There, on my right hand... horror of horrors... are teeth marks.

Fuck me for my carelessness and trust in the need for sleep!
I can never let my guard down because I am human prey food!
My skin doesn't appear to be broken... am I now an infected sheep?
Control yourself... focus your mind... remain in a steady mood.

The skin around the teeth marks has yet to turn white like lard..
I know zombie bites immediately begin to break down live flesh.
I think I'm alright... and I am now pissed and ready to strike back hard.
It is time to stop running and give these zombies my own... 



Friday, June 1, 2012


Human zombies are on the rise.

The human mind is like a fragile egg. The contents inside that egg can be squashed by a child’s palm. Dangerous illegal drugs, and the stress of this hard modern life, is driving people over the edge of reality. Things are getting so bad that people are actually attacking other people and attempting to eat them… zombie-like! This is sheer madness! And, it is reality. And, it is nothing to be made fun of because people are being violently maimed, hurt and sometimes killed. This is serious business and should not be made fun of!

On the other hand, for fans of fantasy horror…

I will be ready for the real zombie apocalypse when it starts in earnest. I’m not loading up on guns and ammunition, or stockpiling food and survival stuff because I have read, and reread, the book that is the focus of this missive. If it is good enough for the US Army to use as its survival guide under the extreme conditions inflicted upon its personnel, then it is good enough for me to follow and use when I have to escape the horrors of the zombie infested cities and towns to seek survival in the open countryside and forests.

Actually, just for the hell of it… this book is a fantastic read. You will never be the same person after you read the last word of the last page. You will learn tons of important survival facts, like what wild plants are edible, or deadly dangerous. How to make fire. How to find, and build, shelter. How to survive a snake bite. And, most importantly… there is a lot of information here about steeling your mind and resolve. Freaking great information to have for when you have to fight off the zombie brain eating nightmares that will infect your sleep times.

Check out this book. Then go out and find your own copy This isn‘t a joke. Make yourself ready for when the zombies come scratching at your door in the middle of the night!

Monday, March 26, 2012


Prologue to:

One day life goes on as usual!
The next day, hell on earth breaks loose!
You see, the recent dead began to rise up to murder the living!
The only clue, on a world wide scale, is the acrid yellow dust in the air!
The carnage is awesome!
And a battle cry arises!
It goes like this: How Many Times must I Kill You Before You Die?



(Ashland, Virginia)

-- Sam Allen Martin's story --

     … I’ve shot you three times -- twice in the chest and once in the left kneecap, and you still keep on coming at me. I pushed you out of the second floor window and watched as you fell onto your back, amidst a rain of broken glass, and gasped in horror as you immediately stood up and began to shamble my direction again. I broke your right collar bone with the metal baseball bat. I smashed in your nose and teeth with another well placed swing… and you still keep on coming. How many times must I kill you before you die?

     This must be a goddamn dream. What in the hell is going on and why is it going on with me?

     I’m dead asleep in my bed. I abruptly awakened when I hear a loud pounding on my bedroom door… inside my apartment! I am a single man who lives alone. “What the hell?” I whispered under my breath as I grabbed my 9mm Smith & Wesson. I quietly tiptoed toward the door ready to put my pistol into the face of the crazy person!

      As I was about to turn the knob to swing open the door to confront the fool on the other side, my bedroom door burst in toward me… slamming me back four steps before I tripped over my nightstand and crashed to the floor.

     Something moved toward me in the darkness and my reaction was to fire three shots in its direction. It dropped like a sack of potatoes right in its spot. I scrambled up to my feet and scooted around the ‘something’ to flick on my bedroom lights. What I saw was both shocking and horrifying… it appeared to be a shoeless man dressed in tattered clothing struggling to stand up on its legs, hindered by its left shattered kneecap. I immediately realized that this was not a normal man! A normal man will not take the bullet damage this man took without at least showing the signs of severe pain. This man was not in pain.

     Suddenly the man wildly swung his left hand at me and slapped my pistol from my hand. It landed under my heavy king size bed. I reached over to my right and grabbed the baseball bat. I swung the bat several times at the man, contacting him and doing obvious damage. But, the man continued to stand upright and then began to bite at me as he limped toward me. Without thinking, I took the baseball bat, pointed it toward the man and rushed toward him using it as a battering ram. I struck him directly in the center of the chest… pushing him back, right out of my closed second floor window. He burst through the window to fall two stories to what I thought would be his death. Imagine my horror when he stood up and began to walk toward the entrance of my building.

     I dived under my bed to retrieve my pistol. Seconds later, with gun in hand and seven bullets in the clip, I began to knock on the doors of my three immediate neighbors. Everyone was locked up tight and everything was silent and frightening. I turned to go up to the third floor, just before I heard the crash of glass below me. The growl alerted me to the fact that the assailant was back.

      I ran up to the next floor. The four doors to the four apartments were all locked and no one responded to me banging on their doors. It was, in fact, 3:30 AM. They should all be asleep, but all this noise should have awakened Peter and Janice. They are late night people. Angelia and Marcus have two small dogs. The animals should be barking. And, Lars and Bill are always up late night playing their video game systems. Where the hell is everyone?

      ‘Ok,’ I whispered to myself. ‘I’m on my own right now.’

      I pressed myself against the back wall. I was facing the stairwell looking down toward the bottom of the steps. I could hear the man shambling up toward my location, moving foreword step by step. And then I saw him and I could not contain my horror any longer. I let out a whimper as I took aim at that which should not be possible.

      His back had been snapped at the waist. His torso was twisted to the right side at an impossible angle. Black blood-like substance leaked from his smashed in mouth and nose to leave a trail behind him on the guard rail. His soulless black eyes were trained on me… and he was coming for me!

      At that moment in time, I really didn’t think about what I was doing. I just pointed the barrel of my pistol at the center of the man’s forehead and fired off three rounds into his head. He instantly dropped to the ground and stopped moving.

      I approached him slowly and cautiously. I kicked him in the broken shoulder bone area. It was confirmed… this man was dead. And that blood was as black and as thick as molasses. And he smelled of old decay and rotted flesh mixed together. I had seen enough! It was time to call the police.

     But there were no police to answer my calls. I learned quickly that I was on my own!

      Just before I began to descend the stairs to go back to the second floor and my apartment, I heard a scratching at the doors around me. The scratching quickly became louder before changing to pounding. Something was now trying to escape the apartments around me. NOW I’m done with this scenario!


      My world has fallen apart. Something unknown to my comprehension has destroyed civilization by killing practically everybody… before changing most of the dead into mindless walking things that hunt the living to kill them in horrible ways. Is this the zombie apocalypse that has captured the imaginations of so many writers over the years? Or, has god decided that mankind has outlived his usefulness on this planet and the time for complete violent genocide is at hand! I don’t know the answers, but I can use my general knowledge as an outdoorsman to survive this madness and track down as many living humans as possible… especially, doctors and scientists.

      It is now two years later, after my first violent encounter, and I am proud of the fact that I have helped to rescue twenty-seven medical doctors and thirty-one scientist, among the 112 other living people I have helped to find shelter for, and quarantine, in the Albertson Medical Center Hospital here in Richmond -- our huge fortress of solitude that has served us very well! The dead can’t get in and we mostly don’t want to get out!

      And when I do periodically go on the hunt for more living humans, I always encounter hoards of the living dead. And as I mow through them on the way to my final destinations… I always end up asking them all this answerless question,