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Friday, June 1, 2012


Human zombies are on the rise.

The human mind is like a fragile egg. The contents inside that egg can be squashed by a child’s palm. Dangerous illegal drugs, and the stress of this hard modern life, is driving people over the edge of reality. Things are getting so bad that people are actually attacking other people and attempting to eat them… zombie-like! This is sheer madness! And, it is reality. And, it is nothing to be made fun of because people are being violently maimed, hurt and sometimes killed. This is serious business and should not be made fun of!

On the other hand, for fans of fantasy horror…

I will be ready for the real zombie apocalypse when it starts in earnest. I’m not loading up on guns and ammunition, or stockpiling food and survival stuff because I have read, and reread, the book that is the focus of this missive. If it is good enough for the US Army to use as its survival guide under the extreme conditions inflicted upon its personnel, then it is good enough for me to follow and use when I have to escape the horrors of the zombie infested cities and towns to seek survival in the open countryside and forests.

Actually, just for the hell of it… this book is a fantastic read. You will never be the same person after you read the last word of the last page. You will learn tons of important survival facts, like what wild plants are edible, or deadly dangerous. How to make fire. How to find, and build, shelter. How to survive a snake bite. And, most importantly… there is a lot of information here about steeling your mind and resolve. Freaking great information to have for when you have to fight off the zombie brain eating nightmares that will infect your sleep times.

Check out this book. Then go out and find your own copy This isn‘t a joke. Make yourself ready for when the zombies come scratching at your door in the middle of the night!

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