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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Craig Ferguson Interviews Laurie Holden Of The Walking Dead

Samuel Elliot
(Burbank, California)
Craig Ferguson Laurie Holden 08 Mar 2013



This city is a wasteland of crazy memories now.
The earthquake, followed by the undead Apocalypse,
Has left the few survivors broken, neutered and hungry.
We have to risk it all to make these supply runs.

 I was searching for anything of interest in the dusty video editing room.
I flipped a few switches on a board to see what would turn on.
The monitors and computers and lights all came to life...
And this is what came up on the monitor over to the right.
Holy mother of god...
Blessing us all in the middle of this unholy Zombie Apocalypse!
I have now see it all -- Laurie Holden in a tight red dress!
The zombies can eat me now... what else is there to live for?


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